As part of our “vacation at home” experience, we are taking turns choosing games to play as a family. I, of course, chose Scrabble! My kids will willingly spend the afternoon playing Scrabble with me, but very few others (including my husband) will. Hey, I COULD’VE chosen Super Scrabble, which takes about twice as long as regular Scrabble. But I was kind, and only asked that my family play one game of regular Scrabble. My 16-year-old actually beat me this time. And really, that’s not so shocking. He’s good at anagrams, knows the 2 letter words, and has an amazing vocabulary. So amazing, in fact, that I didn’t question the word “sidious” when he put it down. I figured if Ben played it, it had to be a word! (As opposed to the word “banjoed” that my husband tried to get away with…) I think Ben and I are actually pretty evenly matched at Scrabble. I wish he was available to play more often.

But when Ben is available to play a game, I think he’d prefer King’s Table, which is a really cool game that can be traced back to the Vikings and is sometimes thought of as the forerunner to chess. I am not a great chess player, which probably explains why I’m not wonderful at King’s Table, either. But I enjoy the game (more than I enjoy chess). It’s different. Still…nothing beats a good game of Scrabble! If anybody is reading this and is willing to play Scrabble with me, let me know!

Scrabble mania

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    • April 2, 2006 at 3:51 pm

      Re: HI!,ITS ME AMR!ill play a game : )

      I DO like Scrabble! Very much. You’ll have to come over and see King’s Table sometime, Amr. It’s kind of hard to describe — basically, you choose to be the “attacker” or the “defender.” If you are the attacker, you are trying to surround the king on four sides (three sides if the king is at the edge of the board). If you are the defender, you are trying to get your king to one of the corners. All the pieces move like rooks in chess, and you capture your opponent’s pieces by having two of your pieces on either side of one of your opponent’s pieces. It’s a great game!

  • June 28, 2006 at 9:46 am


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    • June 30, 2006 at 8:00 pm

      Re: scrabble

      Interesting site. Thanks for the tip. I wouldn’t use it during a game with a real person, but it’s interesting to play around with.


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