Scrabble mania

As part of our “vacation at home” experience, we are taking turns choosing games to play as a family. I, of course, chose Scrabble! My kids will willingly spend the afternoon playing Scrabble with me, but very few others (including my husband) will. Hey, I COULD’VE chosen Super Scrabble, which takes about twice as long as regular Scrabble. But I was kind, and only asked that my family play one game of regular Scrabble. My 16-year-old actually beat me this time. And really, that’s not so shocking. He’s good at anagrams, knows the 2 letter words, and has an amazing vocabulary. So amazing, in fact, that I didn’t question the word “sidious” when he put it down. I figured if Ben played it, it had to be a word! (As opposed to the word “banjoed” that my husband tried to get away with…) I think Ben and I are actually pretty evenly matched at Scrabble. I wish he was available to play more often.

But when Ben is available to play a game, I think he’d prefer King’s Table, which is a really cool game that can be traced back to the Vikings and is sometimes thought of as the forerunner to chess. I am not a great chess player, which probably explains why I’m not wonderful at King’s Table, either. But I enjoy the game (more than I enjoy chess). It’s different. Still…nothing beats a good game of Scrabble! If anybody is reading this and is willing to play Scrabble with me, let me know!

4 thoughts on “Scrabble mania

  1. HI!,ITS ME AMR!ill play a game : )

    ok.i see you like scramble,eh?


    whats that game you said about
    that ben plays!?


    5{r@ /\/\ 8 l 3 15 @ [email protected] [email protected] f0r m3=scramble is a hard game for me

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