So, our “vacation at home” is coming to an end. If you’ve never had a vacation at home before, I would strongly recommend you try it at least once. It seemed a little decadent to eat out so much, but it was fun (even though I gained a couple of pounds). Yesterday we went to the Science Station in Cedar Rapids and saw the memory exhibit and the Walking on the Moon IMAX movie (I actually have kids who enjoy going through museums), so that was kind of like being on a real vacation. We also played a lot more board games than we would’ve played if we’d been on a real vacation. And I know we have a much happier dog today than we would’ve had if we’d actually gone somewhere…all of our friends who are willing to take her when we go away went somewhere themselves over this break, so our poor Molly would’ve spent the last 5 days at the kennel. She usually gets depressed at the kennel.

Here are some things I did on our “vacation at home” that I wouldn’t have done had we actually gone somewhere:

1) I finished my Boxcar Children book revision. I received notes from my editor right before I left for Warrensburg, so between that trip, and the trip I thought we were taking to Chicago, I didn’t think I’d get to this until tomorrow. But since I DID get to it, that means tomorrow I’m free to get back to my work in progress, which is a science fiction mystery entitled, I Am Anna Winkler.

2) I started researching a new novel that I talked to one of my editors about back around Christmas time and I’m starting to get excited about it.

3) I started one of my kids on a jogging program! This is huge! Neither my husband nor I are all that into sports (though I DO have interests in women’s baseball, table tennis and figure skating), so is it any wonder neither of our kids are into sports, either? But even if you’re not into sports, I think it’s important to find some sort of physical activity that you enjoy. I start every day with either a 4-mile walk, a 3.2 mile jog or a 15-mile bike ride. So I asked my 11-year-old whether he’d be interested in jogging with me. I haven’t jogged at all since last fall. I usually walk or use the exercise bike during the winter. So I’m not sure I can still do 3.2 miles — I may need to work back up to that. Surprisingly enough, Andy was interested in joining me! The first day he went maybe .2 of a mile. And he didn’t seem to be enjoying himself much. I didn’t think he’d stick with it. But he wanted to go yesterday, too. And he had a much better attitude yesterday. We did .4 of a mile. And today he was downright cheerful about going. We got up to .8 of a mile today (which surprised him, I think!). We are breaking some of that up with a little walking in between, but that’s okay. His natural pace seems to be faster than mine, so if he keeps this up, he’ll probably leave me in the dust before too much longer. That, or I’ll improve, too.

4) I organized my desk.

5) I started blogging! šŸ™‚

Vacation’s Over

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