And apparently I have portrayed my younger son as some “virtuous, health conscious kid who’s out to improve himself,” while at the same time I have portrayed my older son as some “obsessed computer/video game junkie.” So, to set the record straight, my younger son is not a “virtuous, health conscious kid who’s out to improve himself” (he didn’t want to jog today), and my older son is absolutely NOT an “obsessed computer/video game junkie.” And I am not saying this under duress…I absolutely believe this. After all, my older son is not one of those people who camped out in front of Best Buy last fall so he could be first in line to purchase the XBOX 360. In fact, here we are months later, and he STILL does not have an XBOX 360, nor is he rushing out to purchase one. That proves he’s not an “obsessed computer/video game junkie,” doesn’t it? That, and the fact that he says he’s not one. If I have implied otherwise…(hmm…I’m not sure what terrible thing should befall me…I’m sure my son could think of something…)

Apparently, my husband hadn’t checked my blog yesterday, so he asked our older son if I was saying good things or bad things about him. Ben informed him he was “in favor at the moment,” and that promises of Alaskan cruises probably help with that. I cannot argue with that logic. And just for the record, roses (20 red ones, plus one white one) go a long way to keeping one in favor for a while, too. So…let this be a lesson to anyone who is reading this. If someone’s saying something about you that you don’t like, try offering to take them on an Alaskan cruise…or try sending flowers. Who knows? It just might work.

(Seriously, I AM pretty lucky…I wouldn’t be where I am with my writing today if not for my wonderful husband who believed in me from day one…and I definitely have “better than average” kids, too…)

Oh no! My family is reading my blog!

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