I just realized that I’ve had more comments on the blogs I’ve been writing for Tank and Mollie (located at www.tanktalbottsguidetogirls.com and www.molliesguidetoboys.com), who are fictional characters, than I’ve had on my own blog. In fact, last night I got two new comments on this blog from Andy’s friend, Amr, who was actually looking for www.tanktalbottsguidetogirls.com and accidentally ended up here. (Hope you weren’t TOO disappointed, Amr…)

Of course, there is a reason I’m not getting as many comments as Tank and Mollie are (other than the fact that Tank and Mollie are more interesting than I am)…with the exception of the kidlit-central community, I had never actually told anyone this blog was here…until this weekend (and I still haven’t told A LOT of people). My son and husband both told me that I need to read other people’s blogs and comment on them, and then people would find my blog and comment on it. My response to that was, “yeah, but then people will know my blog is here!”

I have kept a diary off and on since I was 7 years old…most of which I would never share with ANYBODY. (Actually, those old diaries from my childhood are really helpful when I’m trying to get a certain feeling right in my writing…just rereading some of those entries brings it all back) So I’m still getting used to the idea that anybody can (and SHOULD) come in and read what I’m writing. But that’s what blogging is, right?

So next time I go in to Andy’s class and read from I Am Anna Winkler, I will be aware that if I come back and write about it in my blog, Amr could be watching!!!


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