I’m off to Muscoda, Wisconsin for an author visit. I’ve never done an author visit in Wisconsin before.

When I first started doing author visits I talked a lot about my state ABC books (because I didn’t have much else to talk about). I’ve written one on Minnesota, two on Wisconsin and one on Indiana. But now that I have other books out, I don’t talk about the state ABC books anymore. Unless I’m visiting Wisconsin, Indiana or Minnesota (which I’ve done a couple times…in fact, last year about this time I visited a school district in the Twin Cities where my former 9-12th grade homeroom teacher/9th grade English teacher is now superintendent — I’ve got a photo of the two of us together on my website…www.kidswriter.com).

So anyway…I put the ABC book stuff back into a couple of my presentations for this visit. I’m not sure the older kids really want to hear about ABC books…even if the ABC books ARE about their state. I hope I guessed right on that.

It looks like it’s going to be cold and rainy in Muscoda over the next couple of days. Hopefully there won’t be snow on Friday morning! And hopefully there won’t be severe weather tomorrow.

I once had a school visit lined up…and I got a call from the organizers at about 10:00 p.m. the night before I was supposed to leave. A tornado had ripped through that little town in Iowa and taken off part of the roof…so I couldn’t go. But I was scheduled to present over the ICN…so instead of going to this school (I don’t even remember where it was now), they made arrangements the next morning for me to go to another school (closer to me) that had an ICN connection. So that school got an impromptu author visit. It worked out.

Muscoda, WI

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