Even though I finished the last three chapters of ANNA WINKLER, and this is my usual day to go to school to read, I didn’t go today. That’s because a third of the class is gone today and tomorrow for a band trip. So the teacher thought that especially for the finale, I should come when most of the kids will be there.

That means I’ve got time to polish the last three chapters a bit. I’m planning to go next Thursday to finish the book and have the kids do the questionnaire on those last three chapters. Then on Friday, I’m planning to go back one more time. I’ll have a final questionnaire that looks at the book as a whole…and then I’ll talk about my revision with the kids and give them a chance to offer any last questions/comments, and just generally have some closure. Maybe I should bake cupcakes or something for them???

This has been a really interesting experiment…and it sounds like I could go back and do this again with other teachers in the building (this teacher won’t be back next year…she’s going to be teaching in Guatamala).

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