I started the Albert Whitman book yesterday…actually, I started on it a couple weeks ago, but I started over yesterday. I started in the same place when I started over…but I captured the voice much better the second time around.

I’m learning that writing a book in multiple viewpoints is harder than I thought it would be! You can’t just switch characters anytime you feel like it (or anytime you come up with a perfect line for ending one character’s section)…you have to have a good reason every time you switch. The new character needs to add new perspective to what’s going on every single time! Yeah, I knew that going in…but it’s one thing to know something, and another to actually put it into practice. But that’s okay…this book needs to be told in multiple viewpoint. So it’ll be a fun challenge.

I hope to have enough to send to my editor by the end of the month. And now that I put that goal out there in cyberspace, I have to follow through. Actually…let me amend that…I’ll finish my proposal (outline and sample pages…I’m not sure chapters is the right word in this case…this book doesn’t exactly have chapters) by the end of the month. But then I’ll give it to my writer’s group. We meet the first Tuesday in June. And then after I go over their comments on it, I’ll send it to my editor!

A beginning…(and a goal)

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