I’ve still only been out on my bike four times this season (60 miles), but I can feel myself getting stronger. Not so strong that I’m ready to tackle Karen’s Hill…Yes, I think the city of Coralville should name that Camp Cardinal Rd. hill “Karen’s Hill,” in honor of my friend Karen who thinks it’s FUN to bike that hill (and let me be clear…she thinks it’s more fun to bike UP the hill than it is to bike DOWN…that’s how a “SERIOUS BIKE PERSON’s (see May 2 entry on “Serious Bike People”) twisted mind works.

But as I crossed the bottom of that hill this morning, I looked up it and thought, I really should try and bike that once. Just so I can say I did it. I’m thinking late in the season…after I’m in better shape. And yes, I’ll actually BIKE it (if I have to get off and walk, it doesn’t count). But I get to decide which gear I bike it in. And Karen doesn’t get to watch me do it.

(And now that I said it here, I suppose I have to do it…)

Biking update

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