Trip to the bookstore…

So, I was in the book store this afternoon. I’m a writers reference book junkie, so I bought a copy of Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s Story Structure Architect. It looks like a combination of Tobias’ 20 Master Plots and Vogler’s The Writer’s Journey. In other words, it looks fabulous!

While I was in the store, I glanced at the 2006 Writer’s Market Guide to Agents. I looked up the folks at the Andrea Brown Agency. The agent who requested the partial of I Am Anna Winkler wasn’t listed, but there was quite a long write-up on Laura Rennert, the one who passed me on to this other agent. I noted Laura mentioned liking the TV series Farscape, which I have not actually seen…but it’s Teen’s all-time FAVORITE show. He thinks I’d like it, too…but right now he and I are working our way through season one of Veronica Mars. Still, maybe in a few years HE might want to query Laura Rennert! He’s going to be a published writer one day (What am I saying? He already IS a published writer. He wrote an article for The Goldfinch, Iowa’s history magazine for kids (which is, sadly, no longer being published) a few years ago.

10 thoughts on “Trip to the bookstore…

  1. I have three friends who are with Laura and neither of them writes anything remotely like FARSCAPE; in fact, they write completely differently from each other! Guess she has eclectic taste.

    Who did she pass your ms to again? Or did you not say on purpose?

  2. Would you believe that I haven’t seen the 2006 Writer’s Market Guide to Agents? I have the 2006 CWIM, I’ve browsed the lists in the SCBWI publications and have an account at Do you think the Agents guide includes more information than the other sources put together? It sounds like they may have more interviews, which is always helpful.

    Sounds like talent runs in your family! My oldest says she might want to illustrate children’s books when she grows up. That definitely didn’t come from me – I failed stick figures 101, LOL!

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