Sometimes, when I’ve just finished a really good book, I get “reader’s block.” I’ll start another book, but I’ll put it down after about a chapter and try a different book. Then I’ll end up putting that one down, too. I’ll repeat this process for about 10-12 more books before I find one that I actually read all the way through. And it’s not that the 10-12 books I tried to read aren’t good books…quite often I’ll pick them up again a few weeks later and really enjoy them then. I just can’t get into ANY book when I’m in the middle of “reader’s block.” I hate when that happens. Because I actually want to read a book when I’m going through it. I enjoy reading. And I’ve always got a stack of about 20-30 books I want to read, and a list of about twice that many others that I want to add to my stack.

Cynthia Lord’s Rules caused my latest bout with reader’s block. I THINK I’m over it now (two weeks later!). I picked up Patrick Jones’ Nailed the other night and I’m still reading. I’m about halfway through, though, so that’s a good sign that I’m on the mend.

Reader’s Block

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