My husband is putting a lot of pressure on me to get the da*n biking shoes! Even though I’ve been out on my bike WAY more often than he’s been on his this year (like 250-300 miles more often)…in fact, he can’t say I’m not keeping up with him this year…we went out together this morning (well, I went 23 miles and since he hasn’t been riding, he only wanted to go about 10, so he turned back partway) and I even managed to stay ahead of him on the one hill we went up. Usually he goes speeding past me on the hills and ends up waiting for me at the top (which is why I supposedly need the shoes).

Here is why I don’t think I need the shoes:

1) I am happy with my biking speed. In fact, I’m passing way more people on the trail than are passing me. That’s not to say I’m really fast (I average around 13-15 mph on a 60-90 minute ride)…but people who are riding faster than I am are generally riding the road rather than the trail.

2) I don’t want to ride the road. I like the trail!

3) I am not a serious bike person. I don’t like wind, rain, hills, heat or humidity. And I go out of my way to avoid all of them when I’m riding. My favorite place to ride is on a nice flat trail through the woods of northern Minnesota.

Why do I need bike shoes???

Yeah, yeah…they’ll give me more power. But see #1. I am happy with my biking speed. And I have not gotten off my bike and WALKED up a hill in a very long time. I’m too stubborn to do that. I’m too stubborn to try the bike shoes, too.

My husband insists that I will LOVE them…I just need to TRY them. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I’m going to be way too busy these next two weeks to go shopping for bike shoes.

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