How’s it Going?

That’s actually not a question…it’s the title of a book by Carl Anderson. It’s a book on conferring with student writers. I found out about it in an e-mail from a teacher I’ve never met. She said she’d read about my short story “New Kid” in Anderson’s book and wanted to know where she could purchase a copy of the story.

“New Kid” was published in the August 1995 issue of Cricket Magazine (and has since been reprinted in numerous state assessments). Several of the short stories I sold to the Children’s Better Health Institute magazines are for sale ILLEGALLY on Amazon (that’s another story…I only sold “magazine rights” to those stories, but I cannot get Amazon or the company that thinks they own those stories to remove them from Amazon…OR pay me something if any actually sell), but I don’t know where one would purchase a copy of “New Kid.” No matter…I was so touched that this woman took the trouble to seek me out that I just sent her a copy of the story.

But I was curious about this book that mentioned my story, so I Interlibrary loaned it. It looks interesting…it’s kind of fun to see that I made the index! (Anderson talks about “New Kid” in the context of first lines…) But even more important, I’m getting some ideas for my Author! Author! class next summer (assuming the Belin-Blank Center at the U of I asks me to teach it again). I gave the kids strategies for critiquing EACH OTHER’S work, but I didn’t really critique them myself. (I wanted the emphasis to be on writing for FUN rather than on writing to somebody else’s expectations.) And this book doesn’t really talk about critiquing kids’ writing…but it talks a lot about conferencing, and how a conference should be a conversation. Even if I didn’t critique their work, I could’ve held individual conferences with each kid! Why didn’t I think of that before??? Ah well…after reading Anderson’s book, I have a much better idea HOW to conference with them than I did before…

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  1. sounds interesting, Dori. And so cool that they included your story. BUT not cool that others are selling them. What a pain! Have you talked to the Cricket/Children’s Better Health Institute people? That was nice of you to send the story (and for her to ask).

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