Firefighting or Fire Fighting?

I should figure out how to set up one of those poll thingies on LJ…though I’m not sure this journal gets enough traffic to know whether the results are statistically significant or not.

I got my final edits back on my picture book F is for Fire Fighting which is coming out next year (I’m really not a picture book writer, so I don’t know how I’ve managed to sell picture books in the last couple of years…). And I hardly requested any changes! I’m getting better about that. But I noticed they changed all my two-word fire fighters and fire fighting to one-word firefighters and firefighting. I looked it up…both ways are considered acceptable. I like the two-word way better, but since both are technically correct, I won’t insist. I just wonder which is more popular?

4 thoughts on “Firefighting or Fire Fighting?

  1. one

    Hmmmm…I’m inclined to use one word. Out of curiosity, I put fire fighting in to Google and almost everything came up firefighting.

    Sorry I’m not much help!

  2. It’s rather like the difference in picturebooks and picture books; one implies a merger of pictures/books, while the other implies they are separate. Firefighters wouldn’t fight anything else! Fire fighters might fight other things.


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