It’s HARD to choose a birthday gift for my husband. For one thing, we’ve known each other more than 24 years now, so all the good gifts have already been given. Plus he’s just one of those people who doesn’t want a lot, and when there is something he wants, he just goes out and buys it!

So I asked him what he wanted…he said, “just stay married to me for another year.” (I know…Awwww!) So I wrote up a receipt for him guaranteeing I will stay married to him for one more year (and the receipt is renewable). I even included the ten reasons I came up with for why I should stay married to him (never do something just because a MAN tells you to, right ladies?).

I’ll take Preteen shopping this afternoon to see what else we can find…

And we’ll have dinner out…a nice dessert…perhaps some chocolate (oh wait…that’s for me!)

Happy birthday to my dear husband…

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