I love Christmas music. Not so much that I want to go into a store and hear it playing before Thanksgiving, but I will listen to it in private before Thanksgiving (kind of like sneaking chocolate…I sneak Christmas music before Thanksiving). I’m listening to some right now. (BTW, the Nutcracker is only “borderline” Christmas music, because it’s Tchaikovsky…and Tchaikovsky is classical music…and classical music is okay anytime…)

When I lived in Minnesota, the first snowfall was my excuse to break out the Christmas music. But that doesn’t work here in Iowa…I have experienced winters here where the first real snow didn’t fall until the end of January. So the day after Thanksgiving is generally the day I’ll admit I’m listening to it now. (And much to my husband’s annoyance, I will have it on pretty much nonstop between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have enough Christmas music on my server that I could listen for 72 hours straight and not hear the same thing twice.)

There’s a radio station here that plays non-stop Christmas music starting the first Monday in November. I happened to have that station on when I went to pick Preteen up after video club yesterday. I had gotten there a little early, so I was playing Scrabble on my pocket PC while I waited for him to come out. And when he did come out, I was so into my game that I didn’t notice him coming and didn’t get the radio station switched before he got into the van.


Actually, he likes Christmas music, too, so I was a little surprised he groaned at me. I asked him when would it be okay for me to start listening to Christmas music in front of other people and he said next Tuesday, the 14th. I have no idea why he picked that day (the only explanation he offered was it’s a month and 10 days before Christmas Eve), but there you have it. I’m legal next Tuesday. Though I did make a deal with him…if it snows before next Tuesday, I can start listening to Christmas music then. It’s snowing in Minnesota right now…does that mean I’m legal now???

Confession time…

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