Well, I only wrote two of the six pages I’d hoped to write yesterday. Even though my husband said I didn’t have to help him and Preteen paint, every time I went upstairs (and therein lies my mistake!) I’d see areas that didn’t have enough paint, so I couldn’t stop myself from grabbing a brush and filling them in.

We did actually have an audience at Barnes & Noble yesterday, though. Which was nice. I even signed a few books. And it turned out there were five of us on the panel, not four. The marketing director from University of Iowa Press was there, too (which I probably knew ahead of time but just forgot)…I had several questions I would’ve liked to have asked him, but I wasn’t sure it was appropriate when I was on the panel, too. Each of us talked about what we do for 5-10 minutes, then we took questions from the audience, and then it was over and we went to dinner!!!

Today should be a good writing day. The painting is done. There’s not too much that needs to be cleaned (my cleaning lady comes on Thursday!). It’s a dreary day (I tend to write better on dreary days). And the dog, the cat and I have the house to ourselves until I go pick up Preteen at 4:15. I COULD even write tonight…tonight begins “tech week” for Preteen’s play. I COULD write during the 3-hour rehearsal…I COULD even write afterwards because Teen won’t be home until midnight (he’s going to a NaNoWriMo write-in), and I won’t go to bed until he’s home (fortunately, Preteen doesn’t have school tomorrow, so I can sleep in).

Speaking of Teen…he’s a fulltime college student with a life, and he’s at 20,000+ words for NaNoWriMo…I’m a fulltime writer/mom without a life, and I’m only at 7600 words on Truth About T.M.S.. I keep telling myself my 7600 words are more polished than his 20,000 words, but it’s not making me feel much better. Still, if HE can write a 50,000 word novel this month, *I* should be able to get a decent draft of this book done by mid-December.

And now I’m going to get to work…

Today I work! (Really…)

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