Spritz! Spritz!

That’s the sound of SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME cleaning this house!!! Isn’t that a beautiful sound? It sure is an INSPIRING sound…as in I’m getting all kinds of work done. I’ve actually written three pages (and they’re GOOD pages, too) in the time these two cleaning ladies have been here.

You’ll have to excuse me…this is my first time with the cleaning service, so I’m feeling a little giddy. I’ve waited a LONG time for this!!! Actually, my husband gave in about six months ago, but once I wore him down, it took me a while to decide whether I REALLY wanted strangers to come into my house and clean around me while I try and work…and whether I wanted to spend the money on a cleaning service…and then once I decided the answer to those questions was indeed yes, it took me a while to get organized enough to actually interview several services and set something up…but now that they’re here, I’m loving every minute! (Though I find it a little disturbing that it took two people close to an hour and a half to clean two bathrooms…were they really THAT bad???)

4 thoughts on “Spritz! Spritz!

  1. I’m so jealous of your spritzing sounds and giddiness! I was just commenting on another blog post that I want a MAID! A house cleaner. A home maintenance expert. Something! And they coud clean around me all day! Enjoy. Keep us posted on this, please! XO Candie

  2. Re: Hmmmm…

    We used to have a 15-minute plan. Every night, all four of us spent 15 minutes cleaning something. It worked for about a year, then people started slacking off. Nobody likes to clean…nobody around here is even very GOOD at cleaning…even my husband admitted that the amount we paid to have the house cleaned wasn’t bad…I earned more than that on an hourly basis to pay for it (by taking a work-for-hire job I might not have taken otherwise…I earned enough to pay for a year of cleaning service)

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