Made my goal yesterday! I got my five pages done. I’d only gotten three done when it was time to take Preteen to play practice. Give me a break…my in-laws are coming today, and so is my cleaning service (fortunately, they’re coming before the in-laws!), so I had to uh…spend some time cleaning yesterday. I figured I’d finish the last two pages during play practice last night…usually by this point in one of Preteen’s plays, I’ve seen enough rehearsals that I have the entire thing memorized. But I haven’t been hanging around for rehearsals so much this time. In fact, yesterday was the first time I’d actually seen a full rehearsal. So…I got caught up watching. Preteen has a lead role this time, and he’s got lots of long monologues. So I sat there biting my lip, wondering whether he really did have all those lines down (wondering whether I should’ve worked with him more…now that family night/final dress rehearsal is tonight). But he did fine. And I got my last two pages written after we got home.

This seems to be working…using this LJ to keep myself accountable, I mean. Especially now that I know my editor reads my blog! (That’s okay…I read hers, too!) And she was uh, sort of expecting to see The Truth About T.M.S. by Thanksgiving. That won’t be happening (hey, I haven’t actually received the contract yet, either — hint, hint — I got a verbal “we love it, we’re going to do it, the contract is coming…” but no contract yet). But she, and everyone else, can read the progress I’m making (or not making) right here. If I announce I’m going to write five pages today, I WILL write five pages today.

Which got me thinking…who am I writing these blog entries for, anyway? When I first started, I thought I was writing it for kids (kids who read my books). And I know I have had kids and teens reading my blog (I know because they’ve e-mailed me), but judging from who comments, I’m guessing the five or six people who read it are mostly other children’s book authors. But the truth is, when you blog, you DON’T KNOW who’s reading it. A lot of people may read, but not comment or e-mail. Or it may be that nobody’s reading. You never know.

So I decided I’m really blogging for myself. My blog is whatever I decide it’s going to be at any given time. And right now, it’s going to chart my goals/progress on The Truth About T.M.S.. So…even though tonight is family night for Preteen’s play, and the in-laws are coming, I’m still planning to write five pages today. I will also write five pages tomorrow and five pages on Saturday. The writing does not stop for the in-laws or the play. Except on Sunday. I’m planning to take Sunday off (unless I don’t get fifteen pages done between now and then). The play is in the afternoon on Sunday, and then the cast party is after that. So I’d like to take Sunday off, but only if I’ve written fifteen pages between now and then. Maybe a better way to say it is: On Sunday night, before I go to bed, I will be fifteen pages further in this manuscript than I am right now.

Who’s this journal for, anyway?

2 thoughts on “Who’s this journal for, anyway?

  • November 16, 2006 at 5:38 pm

    I’ll still read it, even if it’s for yourself.

    You can put one of those counters on it to see who reads your blog. I don’t have one on mine cuz I’m a techno-idiot, but apparently it’s pretty easy to do.

  • November 16, 2006 at 6:18 pm

    I don’t know about that…I actually tried to put one on a few months ago, but I didn’t quite get it.


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