Remember when I said the writing doesn’t stop for the in-laws or the play? Uh, well…I guess I was wrong about that. I’ve only written one out of the ten pages I’d hoped to write between Friday and today. I’m trying not to stress about it. (I really HATE when people say they’re going to do something and then they don’t…so I try not to be one of those people myself!)

I’ve been e-mailing with my editor and this may end up being a Spring 2008 book rather than a Fall 2007 book anyway…which would be absolutely fine with me…it would take some of the pressure off (in fact, if it does indeed become a 2008 book, then maybe I’ll just get that one last work-for-hire assignment that’s been hanging over my head done now so then I can come back and put ALL my energy into The Truth About T.M.S.…that’s where my heart is…this other project is what’s really stressing me out). Have I learned nothing from the play Preteen is in??? (It’s The Little Prince) Spending time with the in-laws and being doing all the theatre stuff this weekend is important…sometimes, the work can wait.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had the audiences for this show that we normally get. Which is too bad because it’s a FABULOUS show!!! (And I’m not just saying that because my son plays the Aviator.) These kids and the directors have all worked so hard…and it’s a pretty intense story for the age group that’s performing it, but they’ve all done just an amazing job. And we like to see good crowds when everyone has worked so hard. But the person in charge of publicity sort of dropped the ball. Which, in and of itself, wouldn’t be so bad…except she TOLD people she’d done things that she really hadn’t done…she took tasks away from other people who were all set to do them, PROMISING she’d do them…and then she didn’t. And nobody on the board knew until the local paper came out on Thursday and our usual article and photo weren’t in the Go! section like we expected. So somebody called the newspaper and we found out they had no idea we had a play coming up this weekend. In fact, none of the other places we normally advertise knew about us, either. We had free tickets that were supposed to be given away over radio/TV stations…they weren’t. So this has been really disappointing. You can’t expect people to come to a show they don’t know about.

Hopefully today will be better. We’ve done some scrambling to get some last minute publicity. This is the final performance and that tends to be one of the best attended performances. Preteen is expecting a few friends to show up. Hopefully they will…and I have a couple friends I’ve been expecting, too.

At any rate, Preteen has had a blast…and he’s learned a lot. He always does.

Theatre weekend

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