I can still do it!

What do you know? I can still run a mile! Well, jog is probably a better word…I don’t know that you could call what I do “running.” (I’ve always thought of it more as “slogging” — i.e. SLOW jogging) But whatever you call it, it’s definitely more vigorous than walking! You have to understand I came at this jogging/slogging thing rather late in life…i.e. two and a half years ago. In fact, I never even set out take up jogging then. It just sort of happened by accident.

I have this neighbor I’d been walking with once or twice a week. I went out for a walk by myself one day and ran into her…she was JOGGING! Seeing this particular neighbor out jogging was about as shocking as…well, seeing ME out there jogging. She told me she’d always wanted to run a 5-K, and she wasn’t getting any younger, so…she was training to do it! She had a friend whose daughter was a sports medicine major at the University…and the daughter made up a training schedule that was designed to turn a “non-runner” into a “runner.” I was intrigued.

My friend was just starting the program…and she said she wished she had someone to do it with, that that would make it a lot easier. Hint, hint right? Well…I asked how the program worked. It looked like it was a combination of walking/jogging…with the goal of increasing the jogging and decreasing the walking each week. My friend was up to jogging five minutes straight. I was pretty sure I could jog for five minutes. Actually, I’m ten years younger than this friend…and at that time was about ten pounds lighter, too…so I figured if she could do it, I could do it. I was really curious to see whether I COULD do it or not. So I told my friend I’d train with her “as long as it remained ‘fun.'”

I ended up sticking with it the whole way. By the end of that summer, we were both jogging 5-K in just a little over 30 minutes. I’ve never had an athletic bone in my body. So this was just amazing to me. My friend gave it up the following year, I but I stuck with it. I haven’t been doing much jogging this year, though. It would take a while to work back up to 5-K, but it felt good to jog today!

4 thoughts on “I can still do it!

  1. Oh! Is it the Couch to 3k program? Or something like that.

    I’m so proud of you!

    If I get the treadmill I want for Christmas, I’m going to hop off the cross-trainer and bike and join you.


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