Actually, Teen reads my blog, but I don’t think Preteen does. That’s okay. He’ll find out about this when he reads Truth About T.M.S.. It might be more fun for him to find out then than to find out here anyway. I was just going to tell him that that “unfortunate MOLD incident” at school just founds its way into my book, and to thank him for providing me with exactly the right story for that spot in my book. I’m sure Dr. S. will be thrilled when he finds out. (Hmm…the book comes out spring 2008 and Preteen will graduate from that school in spring 2008…that’s probably a good thing!)

Note to any and all teachers and administrators at my childrens’ schools (past, present and future): anything you say or do may very well make it into one of my books. I’ll change the names to protect the innocent (and the guilty), but that’s about the best I can do for you. Sorry.

For anyone else reading this blog, I should point out that despite the “unfortunate MOLD incident,” Preteen does attend a pretty good school. There are some really exciting things going on there and they have probably more than their fair share of awesome teachers (though there is ONE I have my doubts about…see a previous blog entry…). But it IS still a junior high. And well…bizarre stuff goes on at junior highs. What can you do? You can either 1) shake your head and say to yourself, “that’s junior high,” or 2) if you’re a writer, you can USE all that bizarre stuff in a book!

Yo, Preteen!

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