Over the last two days I’ve made: 40 lefse (yes, from scratch), 7 dozen frosted cut-out cookies (also from scratch…though they were ALMOST from a box this year…Teen saw me take the box of sugar cookie mix I bought at Sam’s Club out of the pantry and freaked out, so I put the box back and made the cookies “the right way”), 4 dozen or so holiday chip cookies, 4 dozen or so Mexican wedding balls (though they’re really Mexican wedding COOKIES rather than balls…my kids don’t like nuts, so they don’t “ball” real well without the nuts…), and a bunch of my pretzel/almond bark/candy cane thingies.

I also went to a “winter solstice” party last night…wrapped gifts…thought about what I’m making for Christmas dinner (prime rib, twice baked potatoes, broccoli casserole, salad, lefse, rolls…and I’m “cheating” on the pie and getting it from Village Inn rather than making it from scratch)…I’m getting ready to go visit my dad again (and I honestly didn’t think I’d see him again when I saw him last month…) and getting ready for my brother’s visit…and I’ve still managed to stick to my 2-pages a day plan!

Life is good…

Getting into the holiday spirit

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