I’m psyched! Do You Know the Monkey Man is on the 2007-2008 Mark Twain Award list and Trading Places with Tank Talbott is on the 2007-2008 IOWA Children’s Choice Award list!!!!

That’s three lists for Do You Know the Monkey Man, which kind of surprises me given it’s not out in paperback yet. Though I guess there’s a Scholastic book order edition…once your book has already appeared in the Scholastic book orders, is it STILL available through Scholastic after that? Like at book fairs or something?

I found out about the Iowa list last week when somebody e-mailed me about visiting several schools in their district. I was actually their second choice…negotiations with their first choice “fell through,” so she said she was contacting me because she has a feeling I’ll be booked up pretty soon now that I’m on the Iowa list. I almost missed the fact that there was an author visit invitation in there because I was so excited about the Iowa list. At first I didn’t believe her because I couldn’t find it myself. But I’ve found it now…Trading Places with Tank Talbott is really on there. There’s nothing like being nominated for a list in your own state.

Missouri and…IOWA!!!

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