I’ve been tagged…

I’ve never been tagged before. jennifer_j_s tagged me…I guess I’m supposed to list five things that most people probably don’t know about me. I had to think about it… Here is what I came up with:

1) I have been arrested/fingerprinted (I got caught with a little can of mace in my purse when I was touring the capitol building in Washington D.C. about 18 years ago)

2) My husband and I are currently taking ballroom dance lessons

3) I don’t have any sisters, aunts, uncles or first cousins

4) There are at least 3,000 books in my house right now

5) I love music…I play the piano, and I used to play the flute and oboe as well, but I am such a terrible singer that when I was in fifth grade, I was one of only two kids in my class who wasn’t allowed to sing in the school choir.

Now I get to tag some other people, right? I tag…banjopicker, c_larkins and l_skeers

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