So I’ve exchanged a couple e-mails with a young girl who likes my Do You Know the Monkey Man. (Mail from kids is absolutely one of the best things about being a children’s book author!) I say basically the same thing to every kid who tells me they like that book…I let them know I’m working on a sequel, but that it’ll probably be a while before it’s out (I’m still waiting to hear from the editor on my requested proposal…so yeah, it really MAY be a while!).

I don’t have a working title for the sequel yet, but this girl suggested one! She said, “how about Do You Know the Monkey Man’s Daughter?” I was intrigued. I don’t know if it works (maybe it’s too close?)…but I like what it implies. So then I thought how about just plain The Monkey Man’s Daughter? I don’t know…it’s a starting point, anyway.

For now, though, I’m still finishing up The Truth About Truman. I’m about two-thirds through my “final pass” and I’ve fixed everything my critiquers have pointed out. Now I’m just making little changes…which means it’s about time to let it go. (It’s not forever…I WILL get it back after the people at AW get a look…)

Suggestions from kids…

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