Uh…probably because I did. Teen brought the uber virus (you’ll have to imagine the two dots above the u in uber because I don’t know how to put them there) home from the University…and then passed it on to Preteen and me. Holy cow! I don’t remember the last time I was this sick! Or the last time the kids were this sick. High fevers (which usually don’t happen around here), chills, aches, coughs, headaches, sinus problems, EXHAUSTION (I slept 21 out of 24 hours the second day I had this)…you name it, we had it. The only one spared was my husband. He’s been real good about going out to get us more medicine, freeze pops, library books etc. because it gives him an excuse to get away from the sick house.

Teen, who almost never misses class, missed four days of class…plus was sick over last weekend…and this was midterm week.

But we’re all finally on the mend (though I’m having trouble with my eyes…it’s like my glasses are the wrong prescription all of a sudden…and everything keeps zooming in and out of focus…). I actually got dressed today…for the first time all week.

The only good thing about this was the three of us suffered through it together. Which meant there was plenty of sympathy to go around…and plenty of time for us all to vedge out in front of Roswell episodes, when we were all awake at the same time.

Actually, there’s another good thing about this…when I went to bed last Sunday, it was definitely still winter around here…lots of snow and ice…I practically took my life in my hands when I went for my walk Sunday afternoon (hey, now I know why I was so TIRED that afternoon…a 4-mile walk doesn’t normally tire me out like that…I was getting sick!). But I woke up this morning, and most of the snow is gone!

So much for our spring break plans (which really weren’t “plans” at all). We all have too much to catch up on, so we’re going to stay home and do something nice this summer. Though Preteen and I will go see my dad once we’re well…we don’t dare go until we are. We wouldn’t want to spread this around the nursing home.

I’m thinking flu shot next year…

Who do I feel like I slept through this whole week?

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