Going crazy!!!

I just got an automated call from our school district (while I was finishing up a call on my cell phone with one of my publishers!)…Preteen’s junior high school is in lockdown!

The automated caller said: somebody brought a pellet gun to school. The students are safe. The school is in lockdown. “At this time,” students are expected to be released at their normal dismissal time.

It took FOREVER before there was any news at all online. Finally, half an hour after the call came in, the local newspaper has picked up on the story. Apparently somebody reported seeing a student with a handgun. (If I had heard handgun on that automated call rather than pellet gun, I’d REALLY be crazy right now!) The school was locked down. The police were called. Two pellet guns have been found. And now the police are doing a locker-by-locker and classroom-by-classroom search. No threats have been made.

I’m sure everything is going to be fine…please tell me everything’s going to be fine! I sure hope we get another automated call when it’s all over.

BTW, though nobody’s saying it yet, today is the anniversary of Columbine. (I know that date because it’s also my brother’s birthday.)

It’s not Columbine or Virginia Tech…but you can’t imagine what it feels like to get a call like that until you actually get one. This waiting for further information is making me crazy!!! I’m trying NOT to imagine what it would feel like to hear that shots were actually fired in my
child’s school…

I really, really need to go on a bike ride or something, but I’m afraid to leave the house until I hear everything’s okay.

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