It’s over. The police found two guns, but no threats were ever made. No one got hurt. And supposedly everything is “back to normal” after a 90-minute lockdown. Though I don’t know how anyone can expect the rest of the day to be “normal” after something like this.

Apparently, everyone at school thought this was just a drill (in light of the shootings at Virginia Tech) to start with…there was supposed to be a drill of some sort today, but nobody knew when it was going to be. After about half an hour, it was clear it WASN’T a drill.

Preteen should have some interesting stories to tell after school…

8 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. This reminds me of the lockdown my Elementary school had during the Rodney King riots back in the 90’s. That was scary! We had a couple bomb threats but they didn’t find anything. Still having police and others swarm our K-3 school was very scary.

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