I actually volunteered to respond to a table topics question at Toastmasters this week! In fact, the first thing I said when I got up there was, “I can’t believe I actually VOLUNTEERED for table topics!” And everyone clapped. (See? What’s not to like about this group?)

I’m no slouch…I figured out almost right away that the best way to get out of table topics is to sign up for a role every week! The people who don’t have a role are usually the first ones called on for table topics, so I’ve been signing up for a role every week.

But the last time I was called on for table topics was December! Whether I have a role or not, I’m about due to be called on again. So when Eric gave the question (“What was your favorite vacation?”), AND asked for volunteers (sometimes they ask for volunteers, sometimes they draw numbers, sometimes they just pick someone to go up and start talking), I put my hand up in the air. (Something else I’ve learned from Toastmasters and life: if you’re afraid you’re going to get picked to do something you don’t want to do, head it off by VOLUNTEERING when you can control the situation…then you won’t get picked for a while! I told you I’m no slouch!)

Actually, that was an easy table topics question…it gave me an opportunity to blather on about Alaska! I even managed to stand up there and blather for a full minute and fifteen seconds (table topics responses are supposed to take one to two minutes), so at least this time I made it into the right range (my other attempt only lasted about thirty seconds).

I’m definitely getting better at all this. Who knows? Maybe there will even come a day when I’ll LIKE table topics?

Another Toastmaster’s First

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