Letters of application

I’m speaking at a school in Cedar Rapids next week. Besides the general presentations, I’m also doing a workshop (I’m always really happy when a school asks me to do workshops as well as general presentations!), and the librarian had all the students who wanted to be in the workshop write a “letter of application” stating why they wanted to be in the workshop. (What a great idea! If any other school did that, I never knew about it.)

I can tell by these letters that these are going to be some GREAT kids to work with! I sure hope they all got in to the workshop.

A couple of them (i.e. MORE THAN ONE!) said they hoped I would teach them about empty or dangling modifiers. Sorry to disappoint, but we won’t be doing anything like that. I would like to think that what I’m going to be doing is a lot more fun, but maybe I just don’t have the right attitude when it comes to dangling modifiers.

I’m really looking forward to this visit!

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  1. I remember for an article I wrote once, someone said I had “created a dangling gerund modifier.” Then she snickered and her underlings snickered with her. I felt stupid.

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