I just got an e-mail this morning from one of the co-chairs of the Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Award Committee. Trading Places with Tank Talbott WON this year’s Black-Eyed Susan Award!!!

I’ve always told people that I’m never going to win a Newbery…and don’t tell me I shouldn’t say that. It’s okay. I really don’t write the kind of book that wins Newbery awards. But before I ever sold a children’s novel, I dreamed of getting on (okay, maybe I even dreamed of WINNING) a children’s choice award list. To me, winning a children’s choice award is the ultimate honor. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

In fact, I sort of made a lot of noise when I read the e-mail. I didn’t think anyone would hear me except for the dog and the cat (the cat wasn’t impressed, but the dog got really excited!). My husband was at work, Preteen was at school, and I THOUGHT Teen was still in bed (it’s final’s week and I know he was up late last night). But no…Teen heard me. In fact, my windows were open, so my whole neighborhood probably heard me.

My husband said, “Now you can retire happy.” I don’t know what makes him think I’m ever planning on retiring? So then he said, “Okay, now I can retire happy.”

I’m so excited!!!

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