I got my hopes up last month when one of my publishers said they would be discussing my new picture book manuscript at their May aquisition meeting. But they’ve had their meeting now and they’ve decided not to publish this manuscript. Ah well. The editor told me right from the start that it didn’t sound like the kind of thing they’d likely do, but she asked me to e-mail it to her anyway. Then, it wasn’t too long after that that she e-mailed me and told me they’d be discussing it at their May aquisition meeting, so I got hopeful. But the answer is no.

At least they gave me an answer really fast! And she also told me what kind of manuscript she’d LIKE to see from me. So that’s positive, too. I’d love to do another book with them. And the kind of book she wants interests me very much.

I e-mailed her five possibilities. Hopefully she’ll like one of them. (If not, there are more ideas where those came from!) I can probably start on something this summer.

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