Not my original plan

So, if I wasn’t going to spend the entire three-day weekend writing, I would’ve liked to go geo-caching…or maybe even canoeing. At the very least, played some games. But instead we spent Saturday shopping for a new dishwasher because the old one was making scary noises last week. Actually, the old one was under the Maytag dishwasher recall a couple months ago, but well…it was working just fine then, and we were busy, so we never did anything about the recall. (Probably not the best game plan considering we found a big old burn mark in the cabinet next to the dishwasher when we pulled the old dishwasher out!)

While we were shopping for a dishwasher on Saturday, we ended up picking up a new freezer, too. So that meant we spent yesterday taking out the old dishwasher and putting in the new one (well, MY role in all that was to 1) lift the dishwasher up so my husband could put the cardboard underneath, and 2) get a bowl and a towel when it started to leak) and going through the freezer to get ready for the new one. My problem was I couldn’t stop with the freezer. As long as I was working in the pantry, I decided the whole room needed reorganizing…which I decided to do while my husband installed the new dishwasher yesterday afternoon.

So, no holiday geocaching happened. (Though I did take a 22 mile bike ride yesterday) Very little writing happened. But my pantry hasn’t looked so good since my husband moved his office out and I claimed the little room as a pantry! (Between the bike ride and the work in the pantry, you’d think I would’ve lost some weight yesterday, but no….)

My husband did smoke a pork roast today, though. And I’m about to go make white cheddar mashed potatoes and a real vegetable (so much for weight loss today!). That’ll be the extent of our holiday weekend.

2 thoughts on “Not my original plan

  1. I’ve been meaning to tell you, we went geocaching for Mother’s Day. We never did figure out how to find the coordinates. I think it’s because we have Macs. However, we just go by clues and still have a ton of fun.

    BTW, smoked pork? White cheddar mashed potatoes? Yummmmm!!!

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