I think all the chipmunks on my 14-15 mile bike loop must have gotten the memo: beware of the woman in the blue shirt and black shorts. I did not see a single chipmunk on my ride this morning…and that is very unusual!

I did, however, run into my friend, K. (Well, not literally. I’m not THAT dangerous on a bike. We both happened to be biking through City Park at the same time this morning…) K. is a very cool YA librarian. If she was a YA author instead of a YA librarian, she would be Chris Crutcher; that’s how cool she is. K. also races. On her bike. Against men. And often wins. So I’m sure the three miles we rode together at 15.5 miles per hour was a nice little break for her (she was on a “short” 37-mile ride), but it was fun to ride together for a little while. (She’s suggested we ride together several times before, but I’ve always been a little reluctant because I don’t want to slow her down!)

She asked me which way I went home (she and I only live a couple blocks from each other…in fact, we looked at the house next door to her when we moved here…if I had known I’d have had such a cool next door neighbor, I might have pushed harder for THAT house…well, maybe…I really like the woods I have in my backyard…I wouldn’t have had that over on K.’s street…). I told her I like the Clear Creek trail, and she said she likes that, too (but she was heading a different direction because she had a stop to make). And when she takes the Clear Creek trail, she always feels compelled to make a slight detour and bike up the Camp Cardinal Rd. hill.

Well, of course she does! I have dubbed that hill “K.’s hill” because she’s always telling me how much FUN it is to bike up this hill. I actually took a picture of that hill when I drove by it this afternoon. I was going to post it on my blog and ask, “does this look like a FUN hill to bike up???” But do you know what? I took the picture at the wrong place…the hill really doesn’t look as impressive on the picture as it does in real life. So I won’t post it. But trust me…it’s one of the nastiest hills in town. I haven’t attempted it yet (though I said I would a year ago)…maybe one of these days…

Chipmunk memos and cool librarians

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