Still no closer to a commitment

I’m still wading into two brand new novels, unable to make a commitment to either one. I woke up at two o’clock in the morning last night and couldn’t sleep. When that happens, I usually lie there and think about whatever story I’m currently working on…last night my brain flitted from the middle grade to the YA, YA back to the middle grade, middle grade back to the YA…I am no closer to figuring out which one is going to be my next book.

I have this trouble in restaurants, too. I can never decide what I want to eat, either. Or which restaurant to go to in the first place (it’s always nice when someone else takes care of that decision for me).

Lest anyone think I have commitment issues all around, I should point out I did decide who I was going to marry at age 18…and I married him at 20…and I’ve never wavered in THAT commitment.

So why can’t I commit to a story???

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