The new middle grade…(are ghosts more interesting than murder???)

So, the new middle grade novel I’m sort of playing around with is actually a mystery, too. (A ghost story is a mystery. Well…this one is, anyway.) It’s just not a MURDER mystery. Junior High Kid really wants me to commit to this one over the other one because, “ghosts are more interesting than murder.” I’m not sure I agree with him…

If this story takes off, I’ve actually got a whole series in mind. I’m not sure what the other books would be about (I’m still trying to figure out what all THIS one is about!), but I’ve got a good solid hook. And I’ve got a thread that would need several books to fully develop (I actually talked it through with Junior High Kid when he had pneumonia earlier this summer…which probably explains why he’s pushing for this story rather than the YA…he’s invested in it!)

But I know how this works. It’s hard to sell a new series…first you have to write a good, solid, stand-alone novel. THEN maybe you can interest the publisher in doing it as a series. Unless my agent would actually shop it around to paperback publishers as a series proposal??? Maybe she would? In which case, I wonder if she would need the entire first book completed? Maybe she’d need several chapters, an outline of the rest of the book, summaries of the next 2-3 books and a synopsis of how the series would develop…

Of course, it doesn’t HAVE to be a series…I could take that thread that I want to develop over several books out and still do the book as a stand-alone, hardcover ghost story. I wonder which would be better? Maybe the thing to do is write several more chapters and send it to my agent and see what she thinks? (Except I don’t want her to think I never finish anything since I still haven’t revised I am Anna Winkler…my plan was to start TWO new novels and then get frustrated enough by the idea of keeping two books in my head that I abandoned them both in favor of revising I am Anna Winkler. So far, that hasn’t happened.)

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