Over-analysis…or introspection?

A couple days ago, a friend of mine implied that I “over-analyze” things. Can you believe that??? Well, if you know me at all, I’m sure you can! I DO tend to over-analyze.

I prefer the spin another friend put on it, though. The second friend and I were talking about Jane Hirshfield’s, After, which is a fabulous collection of poetry. During our Toastmasters meeting, she had read the poem that begins, “It was like this: you were happy, then you were sad, then happy again, then not.” This friend said, “I’ve gotten pretty introspective in my forties, trying to figure out what really matters and where certain things fit in my life.” Yeah…me, too! (And Hirschfield is good for people like us.) But I don’t think this is a product of being “in my forties.” I was like this long before I hit forty, and I will probably still be like this when I’m well beyond fifty.

Despite the long break I took from my writing, I DO know where writing fits in my life: front and center. And I’ve been wondering…do I over-analyze everything in my life because I do it in my writing or am I a writer because I’m so good at over-analyzing every minute little detail of everything (or “introspection” if you prefer, which I do)? See what I mean about how I over-analyze everything?

I am absolutely over-analyzing this revision of The Truth About Truman School. I’ve been working on this manuscript for two days now and I’ve only revised thirteen pages. Granted, I’ve had other things going on in my life these last two days, but not enough to justify getting through only thirteen pages. It’s not like I’m doing this blindly…I have a marked up manuscript from my editor, plus a general editorial letter. But because this is my last chance to revise this manuscript, I can’t help but over-analyze every little piece of it.

I need to set a goal. I will try to get to page 25 today…50 tomorrow…75 on Sunday…and 100 on Monday. The manuscript is 158 pages…and the end needs more attention than the rest of the manuscript, so I won’t set any goals for the last 50 pages yet. In fact, I don’t even have notes from my editor on the last 30 pages yet; she and I are going to talk sometime next week…and the idea is I’ll be mostly finished with the rest of the manuscript by then.

So…if I don’t meet these daily goals, I will post a VERY good reason why not here in my LJ.

7 thoughts on “Over-analysis…or introspection?

  1. Well, you have met your match in the OVER-ANALYZER category.

    I have been so over-analyzing the beginning of my wip, that in the last two weeks, I’ve accomplished about four paragraphs.

    How do you stop it? Because I’d really like to move forward with this. 🙂

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