No, that’s not a trick math question…I’ve been checking the UPS website obsessively since Tuesday. I just about have my tracking number memorized. Apparently it takes one week for a mandolin to travel from Tempe, AZ to Coralville, IA. It should not take that long!!!

It is in Lenexa, KS right now. I had to look up Lenexa, KS on Mapquest to see where it was. Looks like it’s just south of Kansas City, which means it’s about five hours away. And the mandolin is scheduled for delivery on Tuesday. It should not take three days to travel five hours. I wonder if I could drive down to UPS in Lenexa, KS and get it? No, I wouldn’t really do that. For one thing, I have a revision to finish. So it’s probably just as well I don’t have a new mandolin distracting me from my work right now. Maybe I should finish that revision so I can obsess about the mandolin when it arrives?

How long does it take a mandolin to travel from Tempe, AZ to Coralville, IA?

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