I was a very good girl this morning. I didn’t putter around with the newspaper, e-mail or LJ…I went on my bike ride as soon as my husband and Junior High Kid left. Then I came home and got right to work. (Honest, I did!) I actually finished the official revision work yesterday…today I’m rereading, checking for last minute things I want to change, making sure everything still makes sense. I got to page 89 out of 153 and then…the UPS man arrived with my brand new mandolin!

Now I am Distracted (with a capital D).

It was a good idea to open it the second it arrived to make sure UPS didn’t trash it or anything (see a previous entry from a year or two ago). They didn’t.

And then I thought it was a good idea to try and tune it to make sure the strings didn’t fall off…otherwise I’d have to leave that nice man in Arizona some negative feedback or something. I am still not great at tuning a mandolin, but I did okay. And the strings did not fall off.

So then I decided it was a good idea to play it a little bit…it’s been cooped up in a box for the last week. It’s LONELY! It needs attention!!!!

It’s a lot heavier than my other mandolin. (What a difference it makes to have a real instrument rather than a toy.) And there’s kind of a weird ringing sound coming from inside the sound hole (could be me…could be the mandolin…it was described as having a “bright sound.” Maybe that’s the “bright sound?”)…but oh, does it feel nice in my hands! What a beautiful instrument!!!

Okay, I’ve put it down now…time to get back to work. I’ve got another hour and a half before I have to go pick up Junior High Kid, grab a quick dinner, get to Toastmasters and then my writing group. So what I get done in the next hour and a half is all I’ll get done the rest of the day.

But…The Mandolin wants more attention!!!!


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