Okay…I heard back from my agent. She likes my chapters. She says I have “turmoil” (believe me, there’s been more turmoil in my head these last couple of days than there’s been on the page!) and she likes the idea of giving the reader “bits of information” on T.J. and what happened in book 1 as this new story unfolds rather than going back and starting it at the point where the girls met for the first time. So there you go.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t feel compelled to argue with her. In fact, I really didn’t even feel disappointed. If anything, I felt RELIEVED. I felt like I had direction again…and that maybe I hadn’t made a huge mistake starting where I did after all.

That “compromise” I blogged about yesterday is looking better and better to me now. My friends had a point last weekend about needing to see T.J. and Dad’s relationship at the beginning of this book…and going back to where the two girls met was just one way of fixing that concern. I can also fix it by starting the book about eight hours earlier than I did and showing T.J. and Dad interacting (T.J. is beginning this book with the realization that her father has LIED to her…that’s something I should use rather than ignore).

Writing is HARD. Did anyone ever tell you it was easy? If they did, they lied!

Thinking clearer today

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