I turned in my “final” final revision of The Truth About Truman School today (so unless there’s something my editor wants me to tweak, I’m done tweaking…I promise!).

I spent part of my weekend revising a script for the local children’s community theater so they could give parts to three extra kids.

I may have an opportunity to write a chapter book version of a graphic novel. That sounds interesting! Different, but interesting. I’m waiting for the materials to arrive so I can see whether I really have time to squeeze this in when I’m supposed to be working on my Monkey Man sequel.

I’ve got author visits coming up next week and the week after. (In fact, one of the events I’m doing next week is a reading of F is for Fire Fighting at the Cedar Rapids public library. They’re going to have the fire fighters there and they were going to sell books, too. But the book has sold out of the first printing already. It just came out last spring! And there are no books to be found. I’ve still got a few copies left myself, so I’ll bring those to sell. That’s all I can do.)

And I’ve got several schools waiting for an “author packet,” so I should also get those put together once and for all.

There’s never any shortage of things to do.

And now for something completely different

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