Friday Five

Gee, I feel like such a conformist coming up with my own Friday Five…I don’t normally do memes or anything else that everyone else seems to do. But, what the heck? It’s a Friday Five kind of day…

1) Today is my husband’s birthday! (Happy Birthday, Dear!) He and I both have birthdays on the 26th of a month (different months), which I thought was very cool when I first met him. (What can I say? I like numbers! So this was sort of a sign that I was somehow meant to be with this guy…) And today, being the 26th of October, is also the 26th birthday I have spent with this man!

2) I’m reading a really good YA novel…Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs. It is SO good I will probably have to send the author (whom I do not know) a fan letter. I almost stayed up and read the whole thing last night, but I’m a slow reader…and I wanted to savor it.

3) I will probably spend much of my weekend reading (is there a better way to spend a weekend? I don’t think so…). Besides finishing Choices, I need to (perhaps I should say GET TO?…because I’m really enjoying it!) finish reading/critiquing a middle grade novel for a writer friend (she and I share an editor!). I also received those page proofs for Truth About Truman that I mentioned yesterday, so I’m going to try and read those over the weekend. And I really need to reread Do You Know the Monkey Man again (which I hate to do…like I said yesterday, I don’t like to reread my published books because I always find things I wish I could change…but I really need to reread this book so I know what I can/cannot do in the sequel)

4) I have my mandolin lesson later today! I love, love, LOVE this instrument! And I look forward to my lesson every week. (It’s really very different taking music lessons as an adult than it was taking them as a child.)

5) I’m going to be a rebel and only come up with four “real” Friday Five things…

9 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Yay, Friday! Half day at the day job, and I met somebody with a prospective student who helps run the Midwest Book Festival in Aurora, Illinois. Have you ever gone to that one?

    It’s really very different taking music lessons as an adult than it was taking them as a child.

    So, so true. Have a good lesson!

  2. Hi Dori!
    I think you should send the author a fan letter. She’d be thrilled!
    To be honest, I didn’t send fan letters until I became a writer, myself. It seemed so, I don’t know, juvenile? (Like when I was a teen and would have written letters to my favorite movie stars, only I didn’t have the nerve!)
    But now that I’m a writer, I do send an email to let someone know I’ve enjoyed their book. Even 3 a.m. emails.
    It’s just nice to know someone is reading my books!

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