I set up my own NaNoWriMo write-in with fellow children’s book authors yesterday (since I have been strongly discouraged from attending the official Iowa City write-ins…though College Student tells me there actually were a couple of “old people” there last night…old people being defined as people in their 40s…and he says it was “just as awkward for EVERYONE as I thought it would be.” Apparently the “old people” stayed the full two hours, but as soon as the clock struck eight, they packed it up and escaped. Whereas the “NaNo regulars” hung around another two to three hours. If I knew who those other “old people” were, I’d invite them to join the children’s writers…maybe they would’ve had more fun with us?).

I have written with friends before, but not real often. It’s FUN! And we really did work, too. Each of the four of us added 2,000+ words to our works in progress. We met at the Coralville Capanna, which I really like because it’s round and there’s this fireplace in the middle…and it’s quiet…and they’ve got gelato. We had a nice mix of chat time and work time. And there was clearly some positive energy surrounding us because when we e-mailed this morning, several of us (including myself!) had come up with new things for our manuscripts that we aren’t sure we would’ve come up with if not for our write-in. (I think I found the theme of my story!)

So now (as in, right this very minute) I’m having another write-in on my screen porch (one of my all-time favorite places to write!). With College Student! (Yay!) He’s the only one in the family I haven’t written with yet this month. It’s cloudy, but it’s still a beautiful day. We’re out here without jackets and there’s a slight breeze rippling through what’s left of the leaves on the trees. It’s actually warm enough that we can leave the door open so our dog and cat can wander in and out at their leisure. Cats in particular tend to bring inspiration with them when they come…

I think I’d like to continue writing with friends…even after NaNo is over…

It’s fun to write with friends!

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