Getting serious

Wow! I heard back from Pelican Press already on that picture book. They like it…but they’d like it better if it had 400 fewer words. So I’ll be working on that this morning.

I’m further away from finishing my draft of T.J.’s Story than I’d like to be. And I’m really not going back and revising…I haven’t read more than a line or two of a previous day’s work since October (and believe me, I’m itching to go back and reread!). Junior High Kid’s play slowed me down a little…and Thanksgiving…and visiting my dad…this week is the second tech week for Junior High Kid’s play. And I have a couple of other things going on in the evenings this week, too. But I’m not going to let any of that slow me down. I’m still determined to type THE END on that draft (even thought it’s a TERRIBLE draft) by the end of the week. So that probably means very little e-mail or blogging this week.

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