Teachers say the darnedest things…

I suppose some families have conversations about school that go something like this:

Parent: How was school?
Kid: Fine.
Parent: That’s nice.

That’s not the way it goes at our house.

A month or two ago, the conversation went something like this:

Me: How was school?
Junior High Kid: Mrs. So-and-So says we’re more likely to get AIDS because we live in a community that has more homosexuals. (BTW, that statement was WRONG on so many levels…) And when another student in the class questioned that statement, Mrs. So-and-So cut her off and said, “I know you like to debate, T., but it’s time to move on.”

My husband, my older son and I all freaked out for a little bit and then we had a nice conversation about statistics, the difference between cause/effect and correlation, homosexuality, homophobia, AIDS, how AIDS is transmitted etc.

We had another interesting dinner conversation last night. It began like this:

Me: How was school?
Junior High Kid: Mr. So-and-So says that if a law is never enforced, it’s not really a law.


FWIW, Mr. So-and-So is a wonderful teacher…he knows his material AND he challenges his students to think and to question.

If a law is never enforced IS it a law??? I’ve got a copy of a book called Really Dumb Laws. We’ve got a board game by the same title. So I know there are a lot of “laws” on the books that AREN’T enforced. There are a lot of laws that really should be removed but won’t be because no politician will ever touch them. ARE they still laws???

Junior High Kid went on to say that Mr. Wonderful Teacher also claimed that if you’re speeding and no one pulls you over, you didn’t break the law. I don’t know about that…(I wonder if something got lost in translation somewhere? I can’t believe Mr. Wonderful Teacher would’ve actually said THAT…) Just because you didn’t get caught doesn’t mean you didn’t break the law!

But see what I mean? More interesting dinner conversation.

We missed all this when College Student was Junior High Kid’s age because he was homeschooled at that age. What did we ever find to talk about at dinner???

7 thoughts on “Teachers say the darnedest things…

  1. I know what law he was talking about, too–it was the one that says sidewalks have to be cleared within 24 hours of an ice/snowfall. It’s sure as heck not enforced around here.

    The M’s science teacher must be very good–she was crawling around like an amoeba the other night.

  2. I didn’t know that either. Can you imagine the chaos if everyone thought and acted using this philosophy!

    We’ve heard some funny things too. (International Schools are good, but some teachers have different views–such as the communist who taught oldest DD IB history. They read a lot of original material–exposed but never preached to.)

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