Looking back on 2007

It’s been a good year…to start with, I dropped close to 25 pounds. And I’ve only gained two back since I quit biking for the season. (I could still stand to lose 10 more…but I’ll be happy if I can keep the 20-25 pounds off for good this time.)

I had two books come out in 2007 — F is for Fire Fighting and My Grandpa Had a Stroke (both picture books, even though I don’t consider myself a picture book writer). F is for Fire Fighting did well enough that it sold out of the first printing before Fire Safety Week this fall. I don’t hear much from the publisher that did My Grandpa Had a Stroke and I don’t get a royalty statement on that until May, so I don’t know how that one is doing. The reviews have been nice, though. And that’s a book I really wrote for myself (well…I originally wrote it for my kids…it was the book I needed for them eight years ago), so I’m just happy it’s out there.

I also did a Boxcar Children book this year (which, come to think of it, should be out by now…but I haven’t seen it yet) and I finished The Truth About Truman School, which I’m really excited about. I got a contract for the sequel to Do You Know the Monkey Man, which I’m still working on. I did school visits in Iowa, Kansas and Minnesota…it’s been a good year for my writing.

I made room for three new things in my life this year: 1) Toastmasters (though technically, I joined Toastmasters the end of 2006…but I really committed to it in 2007. In fact, I even became an officer of our club this summer); 2) yoga (which I’ve wanted to take up for years…it took my friend actually pointing out the class to me and saying, “hey, let’s do this” for me to actually do it) and 3) mandolin (again, something I’ve wanted to do for years…I don’t know why I waited this long).

Most important, my family is happy (most of the time) and healthy…my dad is still with us (I never thought he’d still be here eight years ago)…my husband and I celebrated 21 years of marriage this year…my children are doing well…though I grow increasingly aware of the fact that they’re both going to be on their own before too much longer. No matter what I accomplish in life, raising my children will always be the most important thing I’ve done.

Everybody’s home for New Year’s Eve. (I don’t know how many more years that will be the case.) Even College Student. (He had his wisdom teeth out the day after Christmas, so he’s been reluctant to make many plans this week.) So we’ll order Chinese food and probably spend the evening playing a bunch of board games. Not a bad way to ring in the new year…

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