I cheated already…

I decided that since T.J.’s Story has changed some since my original outline (and well, my editor and I did have a slight disagreement on where/how the story should begin a few months ago), I should write up a revised outline (besides, maybe my editor has some ideas for those sections I’m still not sure about). So the plan was to do that whole outline this morning before I read/replied to any e-mail (though, truth be told, I DO always check my e-mail first thing in the morning…but that’s like before breakfast, so it doesn’t count. I just don’t want to be checking it AFTER THAT until I’ve written half of my daily pages).

I cheated.

But see, the thing is…even when my e-mail program is closed, if I’m working on my desktop, a little pop-up appears in the bottom right of my screen when I get a new e-mail in my in-box. I don’t see the whole e-mail. Just who it’s from and the first few words of the e-mail.

I saw, “thought you’d like to know Do You Know…” from a librarian whose school I spoke at this fall. “Do You Know” are the first three words of one of my books. This librarian thought I’d like to know something about one of my books.

How could I not look???

So even though I hadn’t finished my outline, I looked. And I found out that Do You Know the Monkey Man is on the 2008-09 IOWA Children’s Choice Award list! That’s seven state award lists for that book…(and it’s on three other recommended lists, too). It’s always nice to have a book make a list, but it’s even nicer when it’s your own state!

If that doesn’t motivate me to get back to work on T.J.’s Story, I don’t know what will. (BTW, I DID finish the outline before I posted this.)

Now, if only I could get a book on MINNESOTA’S list. Though I’ve lived in Iowa for thirteen years (and I really do love it here!), I think I will always be a Minnesota girl at heart.

7 thoughts on “I cheated already…

  1. Hey now, I’m a Minnesotan! Don’t be starting stuff:>)

    Dori, congratulations. That’s terrific! Now get to work on that sequel, because I’m waiting to buy it when it’s published. Loved Do You Know the Monkey Man…

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