My in-laws were here this weekend. Having my in-laws visit does not strike terror into my heart the way it does with some of my friends. I actually like my in-laws. (And I’m almost positive they don’t read this, so you can trust that I’m telling the truth.)

We had a nice visit…we took them out to dinner to celebrate their birthdays. We taught them to play Killer Bunnies (the current family favorite game); they taught us to play Farkel. I made a turkey dinner (and then made three kinds of soup today). And in the course of telling us about some extended family problems, my mother-in-law said, “forgiveness is a choice.”


Not that that’s such a profound statement in and of itself. Of course forgiveness is a choice. Everyone knows that.

But forgiveness is a theme that runs through T.J.’s Story…I think that line needs to appear in my book. And I’m not sure I realized that before.

See? Having your in-laws visit can be a very GOOD thing!


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