It’s a real book! (or two)

I really should be WRITING instead of blogging (especially because I haven’t actually done my 5 pages yet today…and Junior High Kid has a four-day weekend…and I really need to get back up to northwestern Iowa to visit my dad again…and I really need to get my website for Truth About Truman School up and running…so I’m not seeing huge chunks of writing time in the near future)…but the nice U.P.S. man came to my door with a big box late yesterday afternoon.

I thought he was bringing me author copies of this:

I THINK it’s okay to publicly admit I wrote that…I mean, if you did much research on Gertrude Chandler Warner, you’d discover she’s been dead more than 20 years. Clearly SOMEBODY else is writing these books. (Several somebodies, actually.)

I had a lot of fun writing this book because it involves geocaching! I started to say this was my favorite of all my Boxcar books, but I really liked the Corn Maze one, too…and the yo-yo one…and the game store one…so maybe I don’t really have a favorite?

And yes, the U.P.S. man DID bring me copies of The Box that Watch Found, but he also brought me copies of this:

I couldn’t believe it! The official pub. date isn’t until early April.

The first thing I did was grabbed a copy to take down to my dear friend down the street. And of course she wasn’t home, so I had to leave it in her mailbox. But she still got it last night. No offense to any family member who may be reading this, but I have to say it’s more fun dedicating a book to a friend than a family member…you get a little more of a reaction out of the friend! (Probably because the family members expect to get a book dedicated to them now and then, so it’s old hat. But friends don’t expect it.)

Now I really have to get serious about getting this website up!

13 thoughts on “It’s a real book! (or two)

  1. It’s a real book! (or two)

    Congratulations! How exciting to have two books in ONE day! You have twice as many reasons to celebrate (there will nearly always be reasons to work)!

  2. Boxcar Children and Other Things

    Boy, do I relate with the balance of life and bloggin and writing. So many of my student in California love the Boxcar series. For many, it’s the first series they can really sink their teeth into. It’s good to know that it has been revived.

    Families and books! No one in my family has bought a copy of Hungry, other than a niece (older than me) who gleefully announced she got a copy for only 4 dollars on Amazon.

  3. Thanks everyone. I like the cover, too!

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