Vignettes from my books…

Some Lego enthusiasts (including my son) are into building “Vignettes.” A Vignette is a “scene” built with Lego pieces on an 8-stud by 8-stud base (which is VERY small). There are newsgroups and blogs on this…and several places to post your creations online.

My son decided to create a couple of vignettes of scenes from my books.

Here are two from Trading Places with Tank Talbott

(One of the swimming scenes)

(One of the dance scenes)

The one he did for The Truth About Truman School was actually a little more work than those other two. And I’m not sure if it counts as a “true vignette” or not since it’s built on an 8-stud by 32-stud base…but I like it!


(This is the tree house scene.)

I have all of these sitting on my desk right now…

4 thoughts on “Vignettes from my books…

  1. Dori–How cool! I’ve been playing with different ideas for bringing my poems into visual forms of some kind through crafts or photos or something. I should have known the answer was Legos! Neat that your son is doing scenes from your books–love that!

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